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Here at New Life, we believe that serving is very important. God has given every one of us specific gifts and callings in order to reach our community and the world around us. Serving within the Church gives you the opportunity to use your gifts to be able to reach those who come to experience God every service. No matter what team you are a part of, we are all one body and are called to work together to advance the mission of Christ. 


Our goal is to help you grow spiritually and personally, and we believe that one of the best ways to put your faith into action is to serve within the church. We have many opportunities available for you to be able to serve but first we ask that you follow the step below to get started!

Welcome to the Team!

Next steps

We are so excited that you are interested in joining the serving team! The first thing you will want to do is attend one of our Next Steps classes. During this time, you will hear from the Pastors as they share with you the story and the vision of the Church. You will also have the opportunity to hear from other team leaders as they tell you about their departments and share with you why they chose to serve. 


Background Checks: Before you can continue forward in serving, we will need to perform a background check. This is to ensure the safety of our congregation and other volunteers. Rest assured that your privacy is important to us and no one will have access to your information other than us and our trusted vendor.   

Orientation meeting

Once you have completed the Next Steps class and have passed the background check, you will move forward with the orientation process. 


When you have decided which team you would like to be a part of, the team leader of that department will get in contact with you about setting up an orientation meeting. In that meeting, you will meet the team leader, go over policies and procedures, and ask any questions that you might have. 


What is shadowing? Shadowing is where you have the opportunity to observe and learn about the team you wish to serve on. You will be able to meet current team members, see how the team operates, and participate depending on the department and the roles available. 

There is a 4-service policy where you will need to shadow for four services. This is to ensure that you are comfortable working with the team and that you are able to put the procedures into practice. 


If in any case you do not feel like the team you have chosen is a good fit for you, let your team leader know and they will work with you in finding a another area.

Start day

After you have completed the last three steps, you will be scheduled as a full time team member.


At New Life, this isn't just serving during a service out of obligation. This is a big deal! You are investing in the future and taking part in building the Kingdom of God along with the rest of the body of Christ! 


Join us as we put our faith into action and living out the words of Jesus!

Team Member Openings

Are you a member and are interesting in learning how you can get involved? 

Click Here to view the current team member openings and start your journey today!